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Aired “live” on Good Morning Arizona (3TV) – JANUARY 9, 2017 (8:20am)


Today I want to bring you some gadgets and gizmos that will make your life easier, cleaner, faster and even fun!

Most of these things are available at or check places like Bed Bath and Beyond. I have included an idea on the cost also.

MUSEUM GEL: If you have pets and kids this will save your finer things. Put it under breakables and sit in place. After 30 minutes not even a wild and crazy dog or kid will be able to knock it over! Easily removed by you, will not damage surfaces, and it’s reusable. $10.00 will last years.

SKOY SCRUB: Invented in Europe this is an awesome scrubbing pad. Made with cotton fibers mixed with hardener, it will scrub non-stick pans, cast iron, dishes, even vegies. Use in the kitchen or bathroom for cleaning. Put in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean and sanitize. It is thin and dries fast so you don’t have growing bacteria or odor. Want it smaller? You can cut it! $5.99 for 2 pads. Will last a very long time.

SILCONE BOWL COVERS: These are amazing! Reusable, washable by hand or dishwasher, these will cover almost any shape. They seal tight, you can stack on them, you can see what is in the container. Fits containers size 3” to about 10” They are also freezer safe. They seal in freshness and odor. You get about 6, depending on which ones you buy. 10 – $12. Will last for years. No more trying to make foil or plastic wrap work.

WOLFGANG PUCK STAINLESS STEEL BOWL AND COVERS WITH ACCESSORIES: These are awesome. Made from quality stainless steel with great lids AND the cool thing, they come with accessories to coarsely or finely grate and slice. They fit into the top of the 5 quart bowl so that you can grate or slice right into the bowl. Each bowl has a non-skid bottom. 12 Piece set. $40 – $50. Worth the price. Good quality and they work! I got mine at a warehouse store for a much lower price so look around. Comes in multiple colors.

KITCHEN GIZMO CUTTING BOARD: Two sided anti-bacterial cutting board. It is scratch resistant, won’t dull knives, withstands heat to 300 degrees, Can be sanitized with boiling water.   It is heavy duty, but flexible enough to bend and pour. Because it resists cutting and scratching from knives it will stay almost new looking. $19.99

AKOAK SILICONE LID LIFTERS – These will hold the lid up off of skillets and pans allowing steam to escape. They are made from food grade material and are heat resistant. I use them to allow steam and moisture to escape when I am cooking and keep foods from spattering. $5.00

SCOTTY PEELERS LABEL AND STICKER REMOVER: These will allow you to remove labels from surfaces without using water or chemicals. You can even remove stickers from paper. $5.00

KITCHEN PRO MEASURING BUTTER KNIFE: Allows you to accurately measure butter or margarine in amounts from 1 teaspoon to 1.3 cup. It works on refrigerated or frozen butter and you can also spread the butter with it too. Great if you remove the wrapper from butter or margarine. You would be amazed how inaccurate the measurements on butter/margarine wrappers are. $10.00

AVO SAVER: Normally leftover avocado has to be thrown out, but not with this set. You can now save half of the avocado for later use. It also comes with a tool to pit, peel and slice the avocado. Amazoncom $6 – $10 depending on whether you get the tool with it or just the saver.

NO CRY GLOVES: So, I admit it, I am always in a hurry and am a bit of a danger to myself with a knife! My husband got me these so that I wouldn’t have stubs for fingers. Guess what? They work! They are absolutely great when you use a mandolin or are grating, to say nothing of chopping and slicing. I wear one glove on the hand facing the cutting edge usually. Hand washable, long lasting and they really are cut resistant. NOT for use with saws and power tools.