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THE QUEEN PUTS LAUNDRY STAIN FIGHTERS TO THE TEST – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, February 25, 2019 (8:50am) – See Broadcast video below.

We see all kinds of laundry stain fighters and pre-wash products in the laundry aisle. Which ones are best and what do they work best on?  Should you have more than one spotter on your laundry room shelf?



Zout Laundry Stain Remover™ Buy it here

This is a miracle worker that works on crayon, grass, grape juice, ketchup, red wine, ink, egg yolk, and grease from things like lipstick. It basically tackles any stain and succeeds. It works so well because it contains 3 enzymes and each one works on a different type of stain. It’s perfect for use with today’s water-saving washing machines. One huge difference between this and many other stain removers is that it will not harm fire retardant protection on children’s clothes and sleepwear.



Oxi Clean MaxForceWorks Buy it Here

This works well on stubborn grease stains like burger drips or even grease from a bike chain. 

The precision stain scrubbing nubs works the stain remover into fabric fibers to break down the stain.

I like the fact that the gel is blue so you can see the areas you treated.  With this, let it sit at least 5 minutes and then launder the item.  It works best in warm water. Check to be sure the stain is gone before you put in the dryer.  Heat will set the stain.



You get a spill.  You toss it in the hamper and let it sit a week, maybe more. Then you might forget to treat it and that’s where permanent stains come from. 

Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrate Gel Buy it Here

This works on set in stains and you can treat a stain BEFORE you put it in the hamper and let it sit 7 days and just toss in the washing machine.  CAUTION:  Do not treat bright colors or khaki colored fabric in advance.  Check the label for things it doesn’t work on and precautions.





Clorox Oxi Magic Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

Not my favorite because of a lot of cautions and you can use it on hard surfaces in your home and on laundry so probably not the best product for either.  It does not contain bleach which is encouraging. 


Carbona Stain Devils™ Buy it Here

These little yellow bottles work on specific stains.  There are about 9 choices in all.  Each bottle handles a specific stain.  Some examples are:  Ink, Marker and Crayon, Fat and Cooking Oil, Rust and Perspiration and 6 more.  Because they are for very specific stains, rather than a variety of stains, they are the perfect choice for a tough laundry problem.  Buy the set and keep them handy for emergencies.



QUEEN SAYS:  Always air dry fabrics with difficult stains to be sure they are completely removed.  Once put in the dryer, the heat will set any remaining stain and it may never be removable.

Watch the broadcast video:

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