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Shoe and Boot Quick Hacks – VIDEO

SHOE and BOOT QUICK HACKS – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, November 11, 2019 (8:40am)

Watch the Broadcast video at the bottom of this post


Reach for furniture polish and a soft cloth.  Spray a little polish on the cloth, work it in well and then buff.  It adds a little protective coating to the shoe too.

Baby wipes are another great way to quickly clean dirty shoes.  Keep some in your desk drawer for this little shoe oops!

Do you have half used lip balms? Don’t throw them away. Apply a little on you leather shoes, rub it in with a soft cloth, buff with a rag or paper towel.

PATENT LEATHER NEED CLEANING?  Just dip a cloth or paper towel into some petroleum jelly and rub into the shoe.  Buff and you’re done!


Use a fine nail file to lightly rub away stains on suede.  You can also wring out a cloth in white vinegar and rub over the spot.  Reset the suede using a dry cloth.

Grease spots on suede can be absorbed with cornstarch or talcum powder. Let it sit overnight and then brush off.


Rubbing lambskin against itself is a great way to remove dirt and spots. Uggs also makes a quality spray you can use.


Clean the shoes with a damp cloth, or wash dirtier shoes. To ensure that the wax settles properly, you’ll want to start with a clean surface. A quick wipe with a damp cloth will help remove dust and light debris. For older pairs that have seen a lot of action, it may be necessary to send them through the washer and dryer before you start waxin

Waxing the shoes without cleaning them first will trap dirt that happens to be clinging to them. And, since they’ll then be waterproof, cleaning them after the fact can be tricky.

Make sure the shoes are completely dry before you proceed. If you’re anticipating bad weather, it may be a good idea to wash old shoes a few days before you plan on wearing them.

Test the wax on an inconspicuous part of the shoe. Before you start rubbing, make a small mark low down on the heel or side of the shoe close to the outsole and see how it looks. That way, you can make sure it won’t stain. Keep in mind that much of the contrast will be eliminated after the wax melts.

A colorless or off-white type of wax will be the least conspicuous and blend smoothly with the materials and colors.

If you’re using a colored wax, make sure it matches the hue of the shoe as closely as possible.

Rub the wax all over the outside of the shoe. Rub the wax back and forth vigorously to form a thick layer over any part of the shoe you want to make off-limits to moisture. Really dig in. Imagine that you’re coloring with a crayon. Pay particular attention to the areas around the toe, heel, sidewalls, and laces where water has a tendency to seep in.

Double check that you’ve coated the whole shoe. Any spots you’ve missed will be vulnerable to leaks.

As the wax builds up, it will cause visible discoloration. Don’t worry—this will disappear as soon as you start heating it with the blow dryer.

Set the blow dryer to high heat. Switch on the hairdryer to let it warm up before blasting the shoes. The more intense the temperature, the faster and more completely the wax will melt

Hold the nozzle close to the surface of the shoe so that the heat is better concentrated.

Continue heating until the wax disappears. As it liquefies, the wax will become integrated into the fabric, sealing the tiny openings and creating a barrier against moisture. It will then re-harden as a clear, protective layer. The finished shoe should look no different than it did before you waxed it.

Look closely for any un-melted sections that you might have overlooked before you put the blow dryer away.

Wax is naturally water repellent and non-penetrating, even on the most porous materials, so it won’t harm the shoes. 

Test out the waterproofing. All that’s left to do now is see how well it worked. Pour a cup of water over the toe section of the shoe. The water should bead up and roll right off. Congrats!  

If the water is being absorbed, you may need to apply a second and more thorough layer of wax. Be sure to wait until the shoes have dried before adding more wax.


Grab a feminine hygiene product.  A panty liner works wonders when placed in the bottom of your shoes or boots.  Stick to the bottom and remove after each wearing. It will absorb any sweat and your shoes will stay fresh-smelling and clean.

Rubbing Alcohol

Pour some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Spray the alcohol inside each stinky shoe- just a couple sprays should do the trick.  Let dry completely before wearing.

Queen of Clean What STINKS?! ™

I like this product because it contains enzymes that digest the protein in sweat, completely and safely removing it.  You simply spray, let dry and wear. 


Always store them in an upright position.  You can use cardboard tubes or pool noodles can be cut to fit to help keep them upright.

Watch the Broadcast video (Click on the video to play)

Shoe and boot cleaning hacks