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NEW Year – LESS Clutter

NEW YEAR – LESS CLUTTER – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona – Monday, January 6, 2020 – 8:45am

Each year many New Year’s resolutions involve getting organized.  Often that involves expensive systems or emptying out an entire room or days of work.  Today I want to give you some ways to be more organized in your kitchen. They cost nothing and are quick and easy too.

Take Out Menus

Most of the time these menus are shoved in a drawer or cabinet.  Group them in either a container made for that, a file organizer or a binder.  Next time the family wants takeout, everything is all together and it takes up minimal room too.


All of us have received that cute mug as a gift.  We can’t bear to get rid of it, so we shove it in the cupboard.  Soon, that cupboard is filled with unused cute mugs.  Time to sort and keep the ones you use and donate the ones you don’t.  The advantage is more cupboard storage space.

Anything That Came With Dinner

I know a lot of people who have a drawer devoted to ketchup, mustard and other condiment packages that came with takeout.  How often do you go in that drawer to find something? Probably seldom.  If it came with takeout, take it out and toss it after you eat.


Lots of us have bought knives in a knife block which includes some knives we don’t even use.  Donate those. 


I found out that I am a cookbook hoarder this year.  My one cupboard was totally stuffed with them.  Many I don’t use or don’t like and some are duplicates.  Clean them out and donate them.  Maybe that Chocolate Dessert cookbook doesn’t suit your sugar-free diet.


You only need one thermos per family member and maybe 2 travel mugs. Pick your favorites and donate the rest to a good home.


I don’t even want to go here.  If you open the cupboard and are met by flying containers and lids, if you can’t find the lid to go with the container, if you are using an entire cupboard to store them; pick 5 of each size and let the rest go.


Most of us stash a supply of grocery bags for many uses, but we don’t need 100 of them.  It’s as if we fear we will run out and can’t get any more…….and we go to the store every week!  Fill your bag container and, the ones that don’t fit, need to go.


You probably don’t need 20 of them in the house, the trunk, or backseat of the car.  Settle on 10.


It’s time to get rid of some of the magnets, clips, lists, receipts and business cards and put them in a permanent place.