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MVP’S FOR SUPER BOWL STAINS As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, February 4, 2019 (8:40am).

Were there a lot of fumbles during your Super Bowl celebration???

BBQ Sauce or Salsa

Place a layer of paper towels over the stain. While working from the inside of the fabric, flush the stain with cold water to transfer some of the barbecue sauce or salsa to the towel. Pretreat with a spotting solution of water and Dr. Bonner’s Sal Suds. To make this solution combine 2 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of Sal Suds in a labeled spray bottle.  Use for all laundry spotting.  100% safe, natural and powerful!

Saturate the stain and let sit for several minutes, then rinse well. Pretreat a second time and launder as usual.  Sal Suds is harder to find, but is really worth the effort and you only use a little for cleaning anything you can put water on including home surfaces and laundry.  

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Cream Dip

If dip ended up on the carpet, first scrape off the excess with the back of a spoon or the dull side of a knife. Then sprinkle baking soda onto the stain and let it sit until it dries up, and then vacuum. Spot the area with a quality carpet spotter.  I use Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover following the directions.

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It’s green and it’s oily….how bad can it be, right?

Gently scrape off excess with back of dull knife. Do not press into fabric. Pretreat with a quality stain remover, wait 15 minutes, Check and repeat if needed, then wash normally. 

My favorite laundry stain remover is Zout.  Look for it in the red spray bottle.

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Mustard Stains

Scrape off excess mustard.

Flush under cold running water to dilute the stain.

Pretreat the stain with the Sal Suds Spotter.  Work in with you thumbs.  Let sit for 30 minutes, flush an retreat if needed.

Launder, using the hottest water and the type of bleach listed on the care label that is safe for the fabric.

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Simply mix a little hand dishwashing soap with cool water and sponge the solution onto the stain with a white cloth. While continuing to watch the game, blot the stain until it disappears. Then sponge with cold water and let dry. Now treat it with your favorite laundry stain remover product.


Spill beer on your jersey after your team scores a touchdown? Grab an ice cube from the freezer and wrap it in a paper towel. Then press the ice onto the stain. Later, apply laundry stain remover to the area and wash as normal.

Nacho Cheese Sauce

Wipe up the cheese with a napkin or if it is dry, scrape off what you can. Soak the stain using a laundry product containing enzymes for at least 30 minutes. Then wash as usual.

For all your laundry stains, remember to have my Miracle Laundry Spotter on hand.  In a spray bottle, combine 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and one part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.  Keep it in your laundry room to treat stains. Saturate stains, let sit a few minutes and launder as usual.