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MAGIC JEAN HACKS – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Monday, February 5, 2018 – 8:20am)

People are wearing jeans that cost so much that they want them to last. How you care for them is important. People ask me about cleaning jeans all the time. Here’s some quick jean magic!

BIGGEST QUESTION: How often should I wash my jeans. Denim is a rugged fabric that doesn’t need washing each time you wear it. To avoid fading and wear on your jeans, the less you wash them the better.

In terms of when to wash them, it really depends on how much you’ve worn them and what you’ve been doing in them. If they smell, are visibly dirty, or have gotten stretched out or are sagging at the knees, they’re probably due for a spin in the washing machine. Even if they don’t, remember that most laundry soil is invisible ( that would mean skin, body oil, sweat, etc. is there even if you don’t see it) and aim to wash your jeans maybe every 5-10 times you wear them.

TIPS FOR WASHING: How you wash them matters.

Wash them inside out to prevent wear and fading.

Use cold water.

Use the gentle cycle on your washer.

Use gentle detergent made for dark fabrics or something like Dr Bonners Castile Soap. Don’t use a detergent with additives such as bleach and softener. Bleach will remove the color – even all-fabric bleach – and softener will coat the fibers. This will distort fit and increase odor.

Use ½ cup of white vinegar in the rinse. You can put it right in the softener dispenser. This will give the jeans a softness, helps with any odors and also helps with fading.

Got Grease? Salad dressing spills, pizza plops? Sprinkle with cornstarch or talcum powder. Lay a paper towel over it and weight it down overnight. Brush if off, pretreat with laundry spotter and launder as you normally do.


When you wash new jeans for the first time, toss in old jeans. Start the washer, using your regular laundry detergent, and then stop and let soak an hour or so, or even overnight. Complete the wash cycle. The new jeans will add dye to the old jeans giving them new life.


Use Mrs. Stewarts Bluing. This is normally used in very small amounts to make whites optically whiter. Used properly you can also add blue color and depth to tired jeans.

Follow the directions on the bottle for diluting the bluing prior to adding to the washer. Instead of the amount of bluing suggested on the bottle, use 1 teaspoon of bluing mixed with 1 quart of water. DO NOT add bluing directly to the machine. If using a front loaded let the water fill up and then pause the machine and add the diluted bluing and resume the cycle immediately. For a top load washer let it fill with water and then add the diluted bluing. Double rinse the jeans. When you are done, run the washer through a cycle with ½ cup of chlorine bleach. Check for any splatters and wipe them up too.

Bring out the big guns: Do you really want to make your jeans look almost new again? Dye them. The secret here is to use 1 bottle of navy or denim dye and ½ bottle of black dye to get a good dark wash that doesn’t look fake. Follow the bottle directions. Do a double rinse and add ½ white vinegar to the final rinse. Find fabric dye at grocery stores, and big box stores. Be sure you clean the machine when you are done so you don’t transfer any dye to other clothes.

GOT STINK? If your jeans are smelling a little less than fresh hang them up and mist with vodka and allow to dry. The strong alcohol will banish smells.

Freeze them. Put them in a plastic bag and freeze for 24 hours. This doesn’t remove odor, but it does kill a lot of the bacteria that causes the odor.

You can also toss them in the dryer on warm to get them back in shape some. If you have a “steam fresh” cycle that will work too.   The ‘Air Fluff” or “Air Only” cycle will also freshen them.


Here’s the video from 3TV… Click on the video to watch… Enjoy!