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Leather Cleaning Tips – Video

LEATHER CLEANING Tips – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, September 9, 2019 (8:15am) and Saturday, September 14, 2019 (6:45am and 9:40am)

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Use some water, a few a squirt of mild soap or shampoo, and a few drops of vinegar. Dampen a cloth with this mixture before wiping down the leather.

For a natural white leather cleaner, try using a mixture of ¼ cup vinegar and ½ cup olive oil. Spray the mixture on any discoloration or stain and allow it to sit for five minutes and wipe it off.

DOVE-Type Bar Soap rubbed on a damp microfiber cloth will also work well. Apply and work in well to remove dirt.  Rinse with a damp microfiber cloth and buff.


1 part mild facial soap

8 parts water

Mix in spray bottle

Spray cloth and work into leather, changing cloths as needed.  Buff with a soft cloth when done.


1 part Lemon Juice

1 part Cream of Tartar

Mix both to a soft paste

Apply with microfiber cloths

Mix into a creamy paste. Work it into the stain with a soft cloth. If the stain isn’t completely gone, let it sit for a few hours before applying the mixture again. When the stain is removed, wipe clean and spread on a leather conditioner


Pen ink is a dye so that it will stain leather extremely fast. Unfortunately, your leather is also dyed, so any product that dissolves the ink can also dissolve the color of your leather. If you can afford it, hire a professional.

For small stains or for individuals on a budget, rubbing alcohol can help.

Make sure to test the rubbing alcohol on a small spot first to make sure that it does not damage the leather.

Using a cotton ball or cotton swab, apply some rubbing alcohol onto the ink stain. Use circular motions to rub it into the stain gently.

Give it time for the stain to begin to disappear. Since this will remove some of the leather’s moisture, make sure to apply leather conditioner afterward.


Vinegar/Olive Oil Conditioner

If you do not want to use a commercial product, you can make your own leather conditioner.

Add one part vinegar with two parts virgin olive oil.

Mix this in a jar with a tight lid by adding the ingredients, closing the jar with the lid and shaking the jar vigorously.

 Apply this solution to your leather with a clean cloth and let it set overnight, then buff leather with a clean cloth.

Coconut Oil Conditioner

You can also condition leather with coconut oil; it’s hypoallergenic and won’t spoil. Clean the leather first, using one of the cleaning methods. Rub in the oil with a soft rag.

Allow to sit an hour or so and then buff firmly with dry microfiber cloths.  Be sure to buff well to remove all surface conditioner.


Leather CPR has been my go-to leather cleaner for years.  It cleans AND conditions without harsh chemicals.  It also helps to remove stains.  Find it at Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Home Depot and ACE.

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Leather cleaning tips