WHO KNEW USES FOR HAIRSPRAY – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix on July 10, 2017 – 8:40am


Do you have a loose zipper on your pants or jeans that just won’t stay up? More than likely those pants make you look great, but if your underwear is showing to the world, those pants might just not work. Well pull them out ladies and spray a little hairspray on the zipper and components and that zipper won’t fall until you wash them!


I have always heard about using nail polish to fix a run, but it would get all over and take forever to dry. Try a little spray of hairspray and it should stop the run for hours.


Spray a heavy coat of hairspray on an old piece of cloth or paper towel and rub it along your favorite linty coat or sweater. The mild stickiness of the spray will attract all those annoying fuzzies.


If you find a little nest of critters in your home or at your office you can shoot them down with some hairspray. Then spray some hairspray on a paper towel to pick up the dead ones.


Pen mark on your sofa? Try rubbing it out with hairspray. It often will fade the mark enough that it is not noticeable. Test in a small area first.


Trying to thread a needle? Spray the thread with a little hairspray so it will stiffen enough to easily thread the needle.


Spray cut flowers with hairspray as soon as you put them in a vase. Spray lightly from a distance of about 6 inches. It will stiffen the blooms up so they won’t wilt as quickly and will last longer.


If you have a mini can of hairspray in your purse you have a weapon. Hairspray, sprayed in the eyes, causes burning, pain, and makes them blurry. Only you can know in the situation whether it is a good idea or not.

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