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Are you making these mistakes at home?   Keep your family healthy and beware of these kitchen fails.

Washing meat or poultry

Washing raw meat or poultry may seem like the best way to make sure it’s clean, but doing so spreads bacteria to your sink, countertops, and other surfaces in your kitchen. There is no need to wash meat, poultry, or eggs – just cook them.

Not washing your hands

Common knowledge, yet often neglected – wash your hands! Even if your meat is safe, your hands might not be, and that can cause serious illness. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and running water anytime you deal with food. 20 seconds is singing happy birthday to you through twice! Wearing disposable gloves is a good idea. Toss them and the bacteria in the trash. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Here’s more errors caught on the Food Network:

Combining raw food on board, such as meat and vegies

Touching raw meat and then reaching into salt and pepper seasoning

Putting ingredients that will be served uncooked next to those that need to be cooked

Touch oven handle without washing hands

Wipe hands on towel without washing

Wipe cutting board with towel instead of washing. Wash cutting boards with hot soapy water and rinse with hot water.

Re-using towel

Touch raw ingredients with hands that have handled raw meats etc.

Touch hair

Cough into hand

Use the board you used for raw foods to cut up cooked foods. Turning the cutting board over. Meat juices and bacteria can spread even though you turn it over. Use a different cutting board for each step.

Toss uncooked foods with hands that haven’t been washed

Sitting serving bowls etc. on contaminated surfaces

Not using a meat thermometer to be sure food is cooked long enough to kill bacteria

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