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FALL CLEAN UP FOR YOUR HOME (Aired on Monday, October 9, 2017, 8:20am on Good Morning AZ (3TV))

Time to get some of those chores out of the way before the holidays.

WINDOWS: Giving the windows a good cleaning inside and out now will save you time around the holidays. Plus you can see out of them again!

Inside Windows:

The easiest and fastest way to clean them is with a micro fiber cloth. Use a wet one to wash the inside glass and then use a dry one to dry and polish the glass. Keep the wet cloth rinsed out well and have dry cloths ready to use to prevent streaks.

Spray Cleaner:

Fill a spray bottle with ½ water and ½ rubbing alcohol.   Spray and wipe. This not only cleans, but it dries quickly to eliminate streaks.

Outside Windows:

Fill a bucket with warm water. Add ½ cup of cornstarch and mix well. Use a sponge to wash the window and then buff dry.

Tough Job Cleaner:

This formula removes screen stain, bugs, hard water and the worst dirt. It contains no water.

In a container combine 1 pint of rubbing alcohol, 1 Tablespoon of ammonia and 1 Tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Wash the window using a scrubbing sponge, rinse and buff dry.

Got Streaks?

Use a blackboard eraser to erase them away!


Now’s the time to wash the mattress pad, blankets, comforters, pillow shams etc. Always read the care label before you start. Don’t over crowd the washing machine. Use ¼ to ½ cup of white vinegar for softening.

Toss some clean tennis balls or a clean athletic shoe in the dryer with bulky bedding to dry it quickly and restore some loft.

Be sure everything is dry before you fold and store it.


Put the pillows in the dryer with tennis balls and set to air-dry. Flip for 20 minutes or so and then remove. This will remove dust and debris and also fluff the pillow up again. Don’t put a fabric softener sheet in. You don’t want to lay your head on those chemicals all night.


Here’s a quick way to get clothes ready to wear that have been stored all summer. Put them in the dry on air-fluff and let them spin for 10 minutes or so. It will help remove wrinkles, dust and storage odor. Rehang right away or fold.