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DOES IT WORK??!! Aired October 16, 2017 on 3TV/Phoenix – 8:40am (Good Morning AZ).

I am constantly looking for products that are new and really work, things that will make our cleaning lives easier.

Today I have 4 products that I am excited to tell you about. I also want to mention that I am not affiliated with any of these products and am not paid to talk about them. When I research I don’t just test once, I try them under different conditions for months.   These products are worth talking about and worth buying.


This product I mentioned once before. It is a life saver for you moms that have kids that participate in sports.

ESPRO SPORT CLEANER removes grass, mud, dirt, sweat, blood and other stains from uniforms, clothes, shoes and equipment. It is safe on all fabric and surfaces. There is no scrubbing involved! Spray it on, work it in (I use a small soft brush or you can use the nozzle), let it sit for 5 minutes and then launder as usual. The product is environmentally friendly too.

The best part….IT WORKS!!  Recommend it to your other sports moms and become a hero!

BUY IT: at AMAZON and Walmart.

DEFUNKIFY ACTIVE WASH Detergent and Deodorizer

DEFUNKIFY is scientifically formulated to remove the materials that cause funky odor from modern athletic apparel. It will safely remove the funk including blood, and restore fibers so they perform like new.

It is safe for high-performance, wicking water resistant and cooling fabrics and down.

There’s no mess, just put a scoop in the washer. It is an enzyme blend in a peroxide base.

Use on: Activewear, Bras and underwear, down or poly fill jackets, uniforms, towels, pet beds, sleeping bags, race shirts and sheets.

You only use one small scoop…don’t use more.



Grease and oil are among the toughest stains to remove from clothes. That little dribble of salad dressing can ruin a shirt, blouse or other clothes. This product will save them. It even works on old washed and dried stains!

SPOT STUFF is dry and removes most spots that contain Oil, Grease or Fat like, dressing, mayo, butter, car grease, gravy, pizza grease and more. It does it, in most cases, without washing and no wet rings left behind.

Apply Spot Stuff to the BACK of a spot first if that is possible, rub it in, let it sit 3 – 5 minutes. Shake or towel it off gently. I use a little nail brush to lightly rub it in. Reapply until the spot is gone. You can even do it at the office, in a restaurant, anywhere. It comes in convenient treatment packages that you can put in your purse or briefcase.

Old stains and jeans or heavier material may require two treatments, but it works!

BUY IT: or The Grommet


Now you can clean baseboards and doorframes without getting on your hands and knees or reaching. You simply walk and glide to use Baseboard Buddy. You can use it dry for routine cleaning or use it wet to make baseboards look freshly painted.

It rides on baseboards and doorframes and conforms to the shape. It has a telescoping handle – use up high, or down low.

The pads easily hook to the head for easy application and removal. You can use your favorite all- purpose cleaner or soap and water for heavy cleaning. The pads are washable and not throw-away.

BUY IT: Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond,, AMAZON