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CRAZY and Unusual Cleaning Hacks – Video

CRAZY and UNUSUAL CLEANING HACKS As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, May 27, 2019 – 8:50am

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Clean your chalkboard surfaces

For years chalkboards have been used in classrooms, now we have them all over the house as practical and playful decor. They’re not so pretty when they’re covered with chalk dust and smears. To get a chalk board really clean without any chalky residue, wipe off your chalkboard surfaces with a baby wipe.

Remove Rust with potatoes

To remove rust, simply cut into the potato and rub the raw flesh on the rusty area. Potatoes contain oxalic acid, an ingredient in commercial rust removers. The coarse surface of the cut potato will also help remove rust as it’s mildly abrasive. For very rusty items, amp up the potato’s power by adding a little dish soap or a sprinkle of salt to the surface of the potato. (If you use the salt method, be careful not to scratch the metal underneath the rust with the salt.)

Polish your glassware with potatoes

Possibly the strangest (but effective) spring cleaning hack: if your glassware has water stains, rub over them with potato skins to remove the grime then rinse as normal. They’ll look good as new.

Remove marks from paintwork with a tennis ball

Gently rub a tennis ball over marks on paintwork and watch them disappear. Okay, so you might not have a tennis ball in your fruit bowl, but maybe there’s a fresh one in the shed?

Use Velcro strips to keep drawer organizers in place

Attach the Velcro strips to one end of your drawer and the other to your drawer organizers. This keeps the organizers in place, but lets you remove them when needed.

Cleaning dry erase boards

Nothing ruins a dry erase board faster than a dry erase marker stain that just won’t go away, no matter how much cleaner you put on the board. If you have a stubborn stain on your dry-erase board, try spritzing on some hairspray to remove it. After spraying and erasing, wipe down the board with soap and water to get rid of the sticky residue.

Oil and Grease Stains on Clothes

Oil-based stains are tough to eliminate from clothing. Remove by treating them with a mixture of equal parts baby powder and dish soap.  Apply, work it in, let it sit 15 minutes or so and then launder as usual.

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