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COCONUT OIL – The Safe Natural Cleaner – VIDEO

COCONUT OIL – The Safe Natural Cleaner – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona – Monday, December 2, 2019 – 8:45am & Saturday, December 7, 2019 – 6:45am

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Clean Showers

Commercial bathroom cleaners can be costly and many are not good for our health. Take the natural route and form a paste of coconut oil and baking soda. This miracle mixture only takes ten minutes to work its magic on soap scum or mildew.

Apply with a scrubbing sponge and let sit 10 or 15 minutes, Wipe clean with paper towels. shower.

Erase Crayon From Walls

Crayons are fun but sometimes kids forget to color in the lines… and on the paper. If you have crayon on the wall or other hard surfaces, work some coconut oil into it and then wipe clean with paper towels.  Wash the wall with a little dish soap and warm water on a microfiber cloth.

Remove Scuff Marks

Rub coconut oil directly onto those tough-to-remove floor marks and see them lift away with ease.

Clean and Restore Leather

Coconut oil is the ultimate moisturizer, making it an easy choice to moisturize that dried out leather furniture, car interior, boots, shoes, etc. While it moisturizes, coconut oil’s antibacterial properties will get to work, leaving you with a clean and restored leather.  Rub it into the leather with an old washcloth and buff really well with microfiber cloths. 

Keep stainless steel appliances from looking dull by rubbing a few teaspoons of coconut oil on the surfaces. Work it in well and then buff, with the grain, using a microfiber cloth.

Preserve Wooden Cutting Boards

 After disinfecting your wooden cutting board with vinegar and lemon, apply a layer of coconut oil for a moisturized and restored look. Using coconut oil when maintaining your wooden cutting board will naturally keep it clean and extend its life.

Get Rid of Gunk on Your Car

Whether you’re returning from a long road trip or simply parked under the wrong tree, coconut oil will help.  Apply some coconut oil on any stubborn sap or squashed bugs on your car hood or other areas. Let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe clean with cloth.

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Cleaning with coconut oil