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Cleanup for the Entire Family – VIDEO

OOPS CLEANUP FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, July 22, 2019 (8:40am) & Saturday July 27, 2019 (6:49am & 9:22am)

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You know what happens.  The diaper can’t contain everything and there you are with a stinky mess.

First flush the stain with warm water to remove all you an.

Now apply a generous amount  of 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Let it sit at least 30 minutes.  Now use a wet brush that you save and label for this purpose, to work in the peroxide. 

Now rinse the stain well with warm water.

Repeat until the stain is removed.

Launder as usual

*Since hydrogen Peroxide is not a chemical, but rather used for injuries, you can safely use it on baby clothes.

For Odor use Queen Of Clean WHAT STINKS?!™ – It is a natural enzyme odor remover. Buy it here: OUR STORE


If you want to grab a clothes pin every time your child brings a sports helmet, glove or bike helmet in the house or even the garage, try this.

Fill a 16 ounces spray bottle with water.

Add 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Shake it well

Spray the inside of helmets or gloves with the solution and allow IT to dry

The anti-bacterial anti-microbial properties of Tea Tree Oil will kill the microbial accumulation and have everything smelling great again.


323232White vinegar is an easy, inexpensive, all-natural choice to clean and freshen throughout your home including your laundry

Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar in the fabric softener section of your front-loading washer, top-loader as it fills with water.

If you are dealing with strong odor use ½ cup in the wash with your detergent and ½ cup in the softener dispenser. 

Some things this works great on:


Work and Sport Uniforms


Baby Clothe – It’s safe and chemical free too

Vinegar’s powerful acidic qualities counteract the alkaline properties that some chemicals, foods or body odor can leave in clothes.


Oops! You forgot to take the clothes out of the dryer.  I hate it when that happens.  What do you do?  Toss them back in the washer to rinse?  Iron them?!!!  Here’s a simple solution.

In a labeled spray bottle combine:

1 –  Part White Vinegar

3 –  Parts Water

Hang the clothes and mist well with this solution.  Be sure to cover completely.

Pull and brush the clothes with your hand to remove the wrinkles and let hang to dry.

For clothes that don’t need a totally wrinkle-free appearance do this

Toss a towel wrung out in water (should be damp) in the dryer with the clothes.  Dry for 10 minutes, remove and fold the clothes.

You can also toss in 6 or so ice cubes and then turn the dryer on again for 10 minutes or so.


Even if you’re extremely careful, putting on your shirt After you’ve already put deodorant on, you can end up with those telltale white stripes on your dark shirt.

Rub the smudges with pantyhose, knee highs, foam rubber from a padded hanger, or a dryer sheet. Do you have a dry microfiber cloth? Then rub with it. If you don’t have any of those things available, you can even rub the fabric of your shirt against the stain to loosen the residue.

In a really tough situation after you have rubbed while it’s dry, you can dampen a microfiber cloth and rub with that.

Once you are home and ready to do laundry, make sure you pre-treat the area with laundry spot remover. Then launder as usual.

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