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Cleaning Your Beauty Blender – Video

CLEANING YOUR BEAUTY BLENDER – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, June 3, 2019 – 8:50am & Saturday, June 8, 2019 (6:45am)

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If your makeup sponge is so dirty that you’re not even positive what color it originally was when you bought it, you need to reach for the big guns: soap. Whether you prefer to use a liquid cleanser or a bar of soap is up to you, but both methods will give you the same squeaky-clean result.


Wet your sponge.

Squeeze your blending sponge under running water until it expands and is completely soaked.

Add the cleanser.

If you’re using a liquid cleanser, squirt the soap directly onto the sponge and begin massaging, pressing, and pushing it into the palm of your wet hand. If you’re using bar soap, rub the sponge back and forth against the bar while applying pressure to build up a lather.

I like using Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap or ZOTE Bar Soap.  Both are safe natural, hard-working options.


Once the soapy suds have turned into a makeup-y mess, squeeze the sponge underneath clean cool water until the water runs clear, set it aside to dry.



Squirt a few drops of liquid cleanser into a small bowl with warm water. Dr. Bonner’s Liquid Castile is a good choice, submerging the dirty sponge into the soapy solution. Let it soak for a few minutes before moving on.


Work your sponge into the soap bar, paying special attention to the areas with deep stains. Once you have a lather going, use your fingers to massage the soap deeper into the sponge.


Once the sponge starts oozing old makeup, run it under cool water to rinse. Give it enough squeezes to wash out all the soap. Set aside to dry.


 Clean Your Beauty Blender in the Microwave

 A quick zap is all it takes to sanitize your makeup sponge.

The microwave energy will also kill any micro-organisms that may be growing on the sponge.

WARNING: Follow the directions carefully. Don’t just put your dirty sponge on the microwave tray and press start or you’ll end up with a melted mess.

Make a soapy water mixture.

First, mix a few squirts of a mild soap (dish soap, liquid castile, or baby shampoo will work) with water in a microwave-safe cup. You don’t have to be exact when it comes to measurements—just make sure there’s enough soapy solution to cover the sponge completely.

Wet the sponge.

Give the sponge a few squeezes in the water to pre-wet it, then fully submerge it in the cup.

Zap it.

Microwave the cup for about a minute, waiting at least 30 seconds for the cup to cool before grabbing it from the microwave. The soapy water will have transformed into liquid makeup residue, and your gross sponge will look just like new.

 Wring it out.

Once the water cools, rinse and wring out the sponge under cool running water, then set it aside to dry.


A plastic Easter egg is a great way to store your Beauty Blender at home, for travel, in your purse, or at your desk.  It will keep the blender clean, won’t transfer makeup to other surfaces and will help it retain its shape


Bar soap is a great place to start.. Massaging your dirty blush or foundation brushes against a sturdy bar of natural soap, like Castile or Zone soap, will work the cleanser deep into the bristles. Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe your brush against a paper towel. Tip: Be careful not to get the brush barrel wet, as it will loosen the bristles and cause them to fall out. Give your brushes a final swish in 1 cup of cool water and 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.

Another way to scrub makeup brushes clean is to use liquid dish soap and a clean sponge. Pour a little of the dish soap on top of the sponge and then rub your brush against the surface. And again, rinse with lukewarm water, wipe with a towel to remove any leftover debris and lay your brushes flat to dry.

Olive oil is a great way to not only clean smaller brushes, but also to condition the bristles. In this case, it’s okay to submerge your makeup brushes into the oil. Rub them against a sponge and you’ll start to see all those caked-on pieces of product come off.

Storage for Makeup Brushes and Other Cosmetics

Fabric and hard sided eyeglass cases work well for travel and for purse storage.  It also keeps your brushes clean and bristles straight. 

Watch the broadcast video: