CLEANING WITH CITRUS (Aired May 8, 2017 (8:20am) – Good Morning Arizona/3TV/Phoenix

Citrus cleaners work well, particularly on greasy dirt. Citrus cleaners you buy in the store contain other chemicals but you can make a safe natural one yourself and it is cheap, cheap, cheap!


This is so simple to make.

Take a quart jar and fill it with citrus peels. Use any peel or any combination of peels.

Pour over the peels enough water to cover them and fill the jar.

Allow this to marinate for about 4 weeks, giving the jar an occasional shake. At the end of 4 weeks, strain out the peels (put them down the disposal for a fresh clean, and dilute in a spray bottle by using half citrus solution and half water. Use to clean more delicate surfaces like granite, marble and travertine.


This is the stronger citrus cleaner. Make it by filling a quart jar with citrus peels and pouring white vinegar over them to fill the jar. Let this marinate for 4 weeks and then strain out peels and dilute in a spray bottle using half citrus vinegar solution and half white vinegar. This can be used to clean stovetops, bathroom surfaces, mirrors and floors. It even works on the grill and outdoor furniture. Not for use on stone or marble surfaces. It’s great for tough jobs.


Put a used ½ lemon in the silverware basket on the dishwasher prior to turning it on to cut grease on dishes and clean the dishwasher.


Rub chrome with ½ a lemon, even one you have squeezed will work. Rub all over, let sit a few minutes and then buff to a clean shine.


Combine 1 cup of olive oil and ¼ cup lemon juice in a small labeled jar. Shake well prior to each use. Apply a little to a soft cloth and rub on wood furniture and then buff to a shine.


Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal by putting citrus peels in it and running with cold water for a few minutes. It cleans out the holes on the disposal and leaves behind a fresh smell.

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