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Cleaning HARD FLOORS – Video

CLEANING HARD FLOORS – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona – Monday, March 9, 2020 – 8:15am

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A microfiber mop is my favorite cleaning tool.  The mop heads are machine washable so they are always clean.  Use no cleaning products, only water.  I know that’s a hard concept to accept, but the microfiber itself does the cleaning and dirt and germ removal.  Be sure you have a few mop heads so you aren’t mopping with a dirty mop and spreading the dirt.


Never use oil based cleaners, things like Pine Sol or 409 which can etch the floor. An etched floor will have an uneven and dull finish


Combine the following in a fine mist spray bottle

1 cup water

3/4 cup vinegar

3/4 cup isopropyl alcohol

2 to 3 drops dish soap

Spray the solution lightly onto a micro fiber mop or a micro fiber cloth attached to a mop head.

Mop the floor using a back and forth motion, periodically spraying more solution onto the mop/cloth. If your floors are really dirty or have a lot of area to cover, be sure to switch out the cloth for a clean one as it becomes soiled.  Let dry.

Don’t over wet the floors, using only a fine mist of the cleaner on the mop/cloth.


Tea is a great cleaner because tannic acid is good for wood.  It is a quick, easy cleaner to make.

Brew a very strong pot of tea. 

Let cool to warm and then poor into a bucket. 

Dip a soft cloth or mop into the tea and wring it out well.  Damp mop the floor with it.  Keeping the mop well rinsed in the tea.

It will leave no residue or white smear on the floor.  No rinsing required


These floors stand up to pets, kids, and hard use.  To clean, sweep or dry mop first.  This removes grit and keeps the color from scratching.  Never vacuum with a vacuum with a beater bar which can damage the floor.

Wash with a PH Balanced cleaner like Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap.  Combine a teaspoon with a gallon or two of hot water and wash with a sponge or other flat mop.  Other cleaners will dull the floor.


Never use a sponge mop on ceramic tile. It pushes the dirt water into the grout lines resulting in dirt, stained grout.  Never use vinegar.  It will etch the grout. Vacuum or dry mop first to remove dust, pet hair etc.  Mop with a Flat or microfiber mop wrung out in hot water.  If you want to use soap, use Dr. Bronner’s Castile or Sal Suds using only a few drops.  More will leave the floor dull.  If the tile is polished, dry it after washing.

On porcelain tile you can use a soft bristled brush with your solution as needed.


This is things like slate, granite, marble, travertine and limestone.

These are harder to keep up and need care to avoid etching them.  Use a microfiber cloth or mop on these and a cleaner meant for stone.  Do not allow them to become heavily soiled.


Dust mop frequently.  Dirt and everyday tracking can dull these floors.  This floor does best with a cleaner meant for this surface.  You need to gather and remove the dirt or it will stain and dull the floor. Look for cleaners at your local improvement store.

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Hard floor cleaning