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Cleaning Hacks for Busy People – VIDEO

CLEANING HACKS FOR BUSY PEOPLE – As seen on 3TV/Phoenix (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, October 7, 2019 (8:45am)

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Vinegar Multi-Surface Spray

1 Part Rubbing Alcohol

2 Parts White Vinegar

1 Part Water

3-4 drops of Dish Soap

Optional: 10-15 drops of Essential Oil. Try Lemon, Orange, or Tea Tree Essential Oilsif you would like to scent it.

Combine all the ingredients in a reusable spray bottle and shake. ( Check the $$$ Store for good spray bottles)

You can use this mixture to clean counters, toilets, bath tubs and showers, windows, mirrors, even floors! (Do not use on granite, marble or other natural stones)

Spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Simple Daily Shower Cleaning Spray Recipe – Spray and Walk Away

(For fiberglass, tile, and glass showers)

Combine in a spray bottle, shake and use daily.

1 part white vinegar

3 parts water

Optional: 5 drops essential oils.  Tea Tree is especially nice for this.

Vinegar-Free Daily Shower Spray Recipe –  Spray and Walk Away

(For marble and natural stone showers)

Combine in a spray bottle, shake and use daily:

1 part rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits, for those in the UK)

3 parts water

Optional: 5 drops essential oils, Tea Tree or Peppermint or any citrus is good for this.

Mold-Killing Daily Shower Spray Recipe – Spray and Walk Away

(For stubborn mold and mildew problems)

This one uses hydrogen peroxide, which degrades quickly when exposed to light. To keep that from happening, mix it directly in the hydrogen peroxide bottle then screw a spray nozzle on.

1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

2-3 drops liquid dish detergent (like Dawn)

1 cup water

Glass Shower Door Protectant

Once you have cleaned and buffed your shower doors, put a coat of RAIN-X on them.  This will keep soap scum and mineral deposits from building up and make the doors easy to clean.  When the water quits beading up on the glass, it’s time to apply another coat.  Buy Rain – X at home centers, auto stores, big box stores etc.

Remove Grease with Grease – Perfect for cupboard doors and backsplashes

When oil splatters on your cupboards or backsplash, it may seem crazy to use more oil to get it off. However, just like oil and water don’t mix, using a water-based spray won’t clean off the grease splatter. Instead, use a bit of cooking spray or an olive-oil-moistened paper towel to rub off the splatter. Wipe with a fresh cloth until the oily residue is no longer detected!

On a shiny surface you can use a little dish soap and warm water to wash and then buff dry.

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