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EASY HACKS FOR LIFES BIG AND LITTLE PROBLEMSAs seen on 3TV/Phoenix  (Good Morning Arizona) – Monday, June, 18, 2018 at 8:40am

Removing price stickers and tags from hard surfaces

Reach for the WD-4 Lubricant. Spray the sticker, let sit a minute or two and then use a dull straight edge to peel it right off. Wash the surface and you are done.

Rust on metal surfaces

Cover the piece with white vinegar and let it soak for a while. Once you see that the rust is removed, rinse the piece and dry. This works on tools too.

Cleaning oven racks with ease

Cut a sponge part way through in a checker board pattern. Soap it up and wash any kind of rack. The cuts will allow the sponge to slip over the rack wires and clean thoroughly. (see image below)


Cleaning blind slats

Cut an opening into the short end of two sponges and slide the gripping part of tongs into the pockets. Slide over the blind or shutter slats, squeeze together and rub back and forth. You can use the sponges damp, wring them out in all- purpose cleaner or soapy water. Rinse the sponges out frequently to keep them clean as you work. (see image below)


Cleaning narrow mouth vases, jars, etc.

Cut a sponge or scrubbing sponge in half. Cut a slit in the side of the sponge and insert a magnet. Use some hot glue or other waterproof glue to seal the opening. To use, put soapy water in the vase or glass and put one sponge inside and the other on the outside. Slide them together so that the magnets come together. This will allow you to scrub with one sponge inside and one sponge outside cleaning both surfaces at the same time. (see image below)


Removing tough marks from white erase boards.

White non-gel toothpaste is perfect for this. Rub it on to remove the marks, rinse and dry.

Removing marker from hard surfaces.

Rubbing firmly with a one dollar bill will remove the marker.   You can also spray a light mist of WD-40 on the mark and let it sit a minute, and then rub firmly. Reapply if needed.

Storing cords, chargers etc.

Use a cardboard toilet paper roll. Wind up the cords etc. and tuck inside the roll. Label the outside of roll with what the cord fits. For ease, store the tubes, standing on end, in a box or plastic container. When you are looking for a cord, they are easy to find.