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CLEANING YOUR DRYER LINT TRAP Why Clean It? Lint builds up on the trap and causes a blockage which prevents the air from flowing through it.  That slows down the drying of clothes wasting energy and time.  It can also contribute to a dryer fire. Clean It After Every Use You should clean the lint […]

How to take care of towels and avoid mold and mildew

You forgot your clothes in the washer and now they smell like mildew. Here’s what to do.

How to remove lint from clothes. You accidentally got your good blouse in with the towels when you did the laundry. Now it has lint on it! Here’s what to do.

How to remove grease from fabrics with something you probably use most days

This is an emergency hair color remover. Treating ASAP is vital to success.

Do you have lipstick on your collar? Maybe laundry isn’t your biggest problem! Here’s how to get it out.

Removing residue, lint and fuzz from towels

If you are using spa-like white towels, here’s how to keep them eye-popping white

How to get drips from green smoothies out of clothes

How to remove stains left by green tea on clothes