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How To Clean a DIRTY OVEN As seen on 3TV/Good Morning Arizona – Monday, November 23, 2020 – 8:45am Watch the Broadcast video at the bottom of this post To clean the oven and oven door use this quick formula. First, vacuum out the oven to remove any loose debris. To clean your vacuum tool […]

CLEANING THE DISHWASHER AND REMOVING ODOR As seen on 3TV/Good Morning Arizona – Saturday, November 14, 2020 – 9:45am Watch the Broadcast video below. Clean the drain filter. Each brand of dishwasher is slightly different. There will probably be a cylindrical, detachable filter through which all of the water drains in the bottom of the […]

A vinegar and orange oil cleaner for hard surfaces. except wood and natural stone

How to clean the cutting blades and wheel on the can opener and keep them moving freely.       Watch the VIDEO: Click on the video to play

How to disinfect and deodorize a wood cutting board or butcher block counter

I know you probably just rinse your thermos or mug in hot water during the week, but once a week deep clean it to remove built up residue

This is a natural, all-purpose scrub for metal cookware

Instead of using store-bought, chemical-laden, dishwasher rinse aids use this. Your dishes will sparkle for less money and with fewer harsh chemicals.

What to do when you have an oven spill while cooking. Stop burning the odor, smoke and make it easy to clean

How to clean cast iron that has rusted