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READ THIS BEFORE YOU HIRE A CLEANING COMPANY Ask these questions. It’s about more than cost. 1. How Long Have you been in the business? It takes more than a base level of cleaning knowledge and a mop bucket to start and run a good cleaning service. With cleaning businesses, an estimated 50% will go […]

A vinegar and orange oil cleaner for hard surfaces. except wood and natural stone

Marble is highly susceptible to water rings and marks. When a glass is placed on a marble surface, condensation can drip down the outside of the glass and create a puddle of water. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind calcium and magnesium (hard water), which form a stain on the marble.

This is the correct way to polish marble. If you use strong chemicals or products not made for porous stone you will ruin the marble

This will keep bathroom mirror from fogging up when showering

How to keep the outside of the grill clean and protect it from the elements.

Put a protective coating on windows so that the water beads up and they stay clean longer

A quick easy alternative to washing and drying windows

This will allow you to remove candle wax or hot wax from stone surfaces such as granite or travertine

Cleaning steel, silver, gold and pewter

A natural and easy to make mold stain remover. Contains no bleach that can ruin fine finishes.