Bathroom Tips

This will keep bathroom mirror from fogging up when showering

A natural and easy to make mold stain remover. Contains no bleach that can ruin fine finishes.

How to remove mold from kids bath toys

A great way to to use coffee beans to freshen air and remove odors, naturally, without chemicals.

This is an easily made DIY natural scrub to use on sinks, tubs and grout. It uses the antiseptic properties of essential oils.

DIY natural solution to remove mold and mildew

This is a natural easy to make cleaner for use on faucets, small appliances and other chrome objects.

Quick way to remove fingerprints and water spots from chrome faucets

DIY Spray on shower cleaner

How to remove fingerprints from faucets and fixtures in bathroom and kitchen.

Rust in the toilet bowl just won’t do. Here’s how to treat it.