Vapamore Steamer

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Shop our store for the BEST NATURAL cleaning products.

Each product was personally selected, tested and used by the Queen in her palace.

The Queen of Clean brand products are Premium Natural Cleaning Products. Earth friendly and made in the USA. Each product includes a multi-use “how to” cleaning tip video written and hosted by Linda.

Our online membership (monthly or yearly) provides exclusive access to our complete digital cleaning tip solutions library. Get answers to all of your specific cleaning questions, direct from Linda. Plus, you will receive many benefits, including 20% off Queen of Clean® brand products and much more!

FREE SHIPPING!! The BEST and most popular professional steamers on the market today. Includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the machine along with outstanding customer support (direct from the manufacturer, Vapamore).

Buy this steamer to help remove bed bugs, dust mites, remove mold and mildew, clean drapes, carpet, floors, furniture, and much more. Steam is the most natural and effective way to clean and sanitize your home, car or office. Purchasing either one of the Vapamore Steamers, shown below, in the Queen of Clean store, provides you with a bonus offer included in the box. You’ll receive two high quality large Micro Fiber cloths, a “Queen of Clean” Apron and a Bed Bug Finder (set of 4). A value of over $40!

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