How to clean unsealed brick to remove stains

How to:

  1. Pour a gallon of undiluted white vinegar in a 2 gallon bucket
  2. Using a big, jumbo size sponge soak it in the vinegar, don't wring it out.
  3. Soak the nsealed brick with it repeatedly
  4. Let the brick dry and then scrub with a stiff brush - a scrub brush is perfect
  5. Still got stains? Repeat the procedure
  6. Once the brick is cleaned up, hose down the area with water
  7. If necessary, repeat the entire process

Warnings & Cautions:

I suggest you hose down any plants or grass in the area to dilute the vinegar as you apply it. Hose it all off again when you are done.

Why it Works:

The acid in the white vinegar lifts and helps remove stains. No it won't hurt the brick. Always remember it doesn't hurt your stomach.

Linda Says:

QUEEN TIP: Look for white vinegar at warehouse stores in gallon jugs to save money
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