Everclear is a grain alcohol that is some of the strongest you can get. You can find Everclear at a liquor store that’s 75.5% alcohol, or 151 proof.

The CDC says alcohol in hand sanitizer must be 70% or higher, so does this qualify?

The recipe calls for one part alcohol to two parts aloe gel.  

Technically, making hand sanitizer from grain alcohol…works.

However, there are more than a few catches. 

First, you have to get the recipe EXACTLY right. If you don’t, it might not work. Or, the alcohol could be too strong and it could burn your skin or hurt you.  Putting it on kids could put them in danger. If it is not mixed perfectly it could put you in danger when it fails to work against the virus.

Also, Everclear and other high-proof liquors are flammable, so if they’re exposed to a flame or heat source, they could burn or potentially even explode. It’s also far more expensive than real hand sanitizer. 

That’s why experts say you shouldn’t bother trying to make your own. 

They say just washing your hands with soap and water is cheaper, safer and ultimately more effective. 

To stop the spread of the coronavirus WASH YOUR HANDS. If you aren’t getting the hand sanitizer all over every part of your hands it will not work.  That puts you at risk and all those around you.

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