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Today I want to talk about disinfecting suggestions for the coronavirus on social media forums. 

You will read suggestions for disinfecting from many people.  Most of these are not proven. 

The coronavirus is different from anything we have seen.  It does not respond to normal disinfecting methods. To kill the virus you must get through that tough outer envelope and most products and DIY formulas don’t do that.

I read about products like OdoBan and similar products, essential oils, and many other DIY formulas people are suggesting that don’t work. By trying these things, people are given a false sense of security and they might as well be wiping surfaces with a wet cloth.

We must only use things that are tested and known to work. The CDC is doing its best to keep us all safe.  When they find something new, that works, they will tell us.

If you have a product you want to use in your own home that is a decision you are making for you and your family.  Please don’t suggest it to others.  If it doesn’t work, some of our most vulnerable people could become ill and even die.

When we are past this crisis we can all go back to our regular disinfecting products. Until then, please don’t put people at risk by making suggestions that haven’t been tested.

A complete list of CDC approved products is located on this site. You can trust me to only recommend products and methods that have been proven to kill coronavirus. Even my own line of products doesn’t work against the coronavirus.

Please wash your hands frequently. Stay home when you can. Follow proven procedures.

ONE LAST THOUGHT: Liquid CHLORINE BLEACH is a proven disinfectant for coronavirus.  The mixture is a quart of water and 4 teaspoons of chlorine bleach in a spray bottle.  It takes so little to make this solution.  Please don’t be hoarding gallons of bleach.  If you have a gallon, share some with friends, neighbors or family.  To stop this virus we must ALL be able to disinfect properly.

We will come through this. We will return to our normal lives. I wish you strength and courage, and patience. If we stand together we can’t be beaten.