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SUPER EASY SUPER BOWL STAIN REMOVAL  – Aired “live” on Good Morning Arizona (3TV/Phoenix) – Monday, February 6, 2017 – (8:40am)

Super Bowl laundry stains can be challenging, but if you know what to do, it’s easy! Yesterday was fun, but today you are looking at the wreckage from the party. Here’s what to do!

Remember, never toss anything in the dryer without checking to be sure the stain is removed.

I want to start by giving you my miracle spotting solution. You can use this on pretty much any stain and any colorfast fabric. I keep it on the shelf in the laundry room. Be sure to label the bottle.

Miracle Laundry Spotter

1 Part Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid

2 parts hydrogen peroxide

Mix this solution together in a container. I like to use an opaque spray bottle or squirt bottle. Make sure you use an opaque bottle as light breaks down hydrogen peroxide. Often times I use the brown bottle that the peroxide comes in.

Spray the stain, work in the solution, let sit 5 minutes or so and launder as usual.

Now here’s what to do for some specific challenging stains.

Salsa, BBQ Sauce and Ketchup: Working from the wrong side of the fabric, place a layer of paper towels the stain. Continuing to work from the wrong side of the fabric, flush the area with cold water to transfer some of the stain to the towel. Often tapping with the back side of a spoon will work well. Pretreat the stain with a liquid laundry detergent to break it up. Let it sit for several minutes, then rinse well. If a stain is still visible, sponge the stain with white vinegar and rinse. Pretreat again and wash as usual.

Guacamole: Simply scrape off the excess guacamole, and flush the stain with cold running water. Then wash the item in the hottest water safe for the fabric with all-fabric bleach. Since guacamole is green AND greasy, try this easy spotter.

Oily Stain Remover: 8 Tablespoons warm water, 1 Tablespoon glycerin, 1 Tablespoon liquid dish soap. Put this in a squirt bottle. Shake well and apply to greasy stains and work in well. Let sit 10 minutes or so to break down the grease and then launder as usual.

Nacho Cheese: Saturate with white vinegar, let soak a few minutes and then flush with a heavy stream of cool water. Pretreat with your favorite stain remover and launder as usual.

Beer: Apply a laundry stain remover to the area and wash with chlorine bleach, if safe for the fabric. If staining remains and you can’t use chlorine bleach, combine ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon or ammonia. Saturate the stain, let it soak, and then launder as usual.

Buffalo Wing Sauce: This stain needs the Miracle Laundry Stain Remover. First flush with cold water to remove all of the staining you can. Wring out the area and treat with the Miracle Stain Remover. Work it in well. Let sit a few minutes and then launder as usual.

Cream Dip: Because this is a protein based stain, making a paste of meat tenderizer and cool water will remove it easily. Make enough solution to cover the stain. It should be about the consistency of school glue. Work it in, let it sit 15 minutes or so and then launder as usual.

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