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The Fourth of July is such a fun holiday. Getting together with friends, great food, barbecue, ketchup and mustard stains….wait, no, the stains aren’t fun! They don’t have to ruin clothes though. Here’s my favorite miracle spot remover. It works on tough stains like ketchup, salsa, buffalo chicken wing sauce and even mustard.


2 parts hydrogen peroxide

1 part Dawn Original or Ultra dish washing liquid

Combine in a squirt bottle and keep it in the laundry room. Shake prior to use. Saturate stain with it, let sit about 15 minutes to break the stain down and then launder as usual. Find inexpensive squirt bottles at the $$$ store.

Remember, mustard is a serious stain. Flush with cool water as soon as you can and then treat with the Miracle Laundry Spotter. Most times it will be removed. Old stains, however, are much more difficult.

Always check to be sure a spot or stain is gone prior to putting in the dryer. Heat sets stains in.

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Have a wonderful holiday.