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PICK UP TRASH: Pick up all trash and put it in a trash bag. Don’t forget to look under your bed too. Empty your wastebasket into the trash bag and put the bag outside the bedroom door.

CHECK IT OUT! WHAT DOESN’T BELONG IN YOUR ROOM? Things that belong someplace else like dishes, water glasses, and towels should be gathered up. Put these in an empty laundry basket. When you finish gathering these things up, put the basket outside bedroom door.

PICK UP AND PUT AWAY THINGS THAT ARE ON THE FLOOR: Put toys and games in the toy box, on shelves, or wherever they are supposed to go. Pick up dirty clothes from the floor and put them in the hamper. Hang up or fold clean clothes and put them in the dresser or where they should go. Shoes should be put away where they are stored.

PUT AWAY THINGS ON YOUR DRESSER, DESK AND NIGHTSTAND: Put away toys and other things left on these. Gather your homework and books up and put where you can find them. Make sure all the furniture and shelves only have the things that belong there on them.

DUSTING: Use a microfiber cloth to clean up dust. Each piece of furniture , desk, dresser, shelves, nightstand, should be dusted. Don’t forget to wipe underneath things like lamps and clocks too.

IS THERE A MIRROR? Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it and dry cloth to polish it.

CHANGE YOUR SHEETS: Pull the bedspread and sheets off of your bed. Don’t remove the mattress pad unless mom tells you to. Take the pillowcase off the pillow. Now, put the new sheets and pillowcase on and make your bed. Put the dirty sheets outside your door.

VACUUMING: There should be nothing on the floor that doesn’t belong there so it will be easy to vacuum.   Begin vacuuming, working your way around the room. Don’t use the vacuum to pick up coins, toys, Lego or other things. If you find these as you vacuum, put them where they go.


Wrap the cord up on the vacuum. Put it outside of the door.

Take dirty sheets to the laundry room.

Take the trash bag to the garbage can.

Take your laundry basket of things that need to be put where they go and put them away.

TAKE A LOOK AROUND: Check out your room. Did you miss anything? Do you see anything that needs to be put where it goes? If not you’re done!! Good job!