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Easy, Natural – Powerful Laundry Spotters – VIDEO


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Easy, Natural – Powerful Laundry Spotters – VIDEO

As Seen on 3TV/Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona – Monday, January 14, 2019 (8:40am) – VIDEO

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2 Part Dawn Original or Dawn Ultra (Yes, it must be this one)
1 Part Hydrogen Peroxide
Apply to stain on whites or colorfast clothes. Work in, let sit as you load the washer and launder as usual.


This spotter works particularly well on things like fruit, grass and all types of beverages. Here’s what to do.

Combine equal portions of:

White vinegar
Liquid dish soap

Put the solution in a labeled spray bottle. Remember to check the $$$ Store for inexpensive bottles. Shake the solution well prior to use and work the solution into the spot. Let stand a few minutes and then launder as usual.


Oily stains are tough to remove. I am always spilling salad dressing on myself and this spotter has removed it each time. This is my formula for a great oil and grease remover.

Combine the following in a squirt bottle:

1 tablespoon glycerin
1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing soap
8 tablespoons of water

Work the solution into grease and oil stains. Let sit a few minutes, flush with water and launder as usual. Before drying in the dryer be sure the spot is out. Repeat if needed.

All spotters are for washable fabrics only. If in doubt, test first!


Combine equal portions of the following ingredients:

Liquid dishwashing soap

Put the solution into a labeled spray bottle.

Shake well and work the solution into the spot. Let stand a few minutes and flush with water.

Be sure the stain is gone prior to drying in the dryer. Heat from the dryer can set the stain in.

This spotter works well on stains such as milk, blood, perspiration and urine. Not for washable silk, wool, spandex, acetate

QUEENS POWER PASTE: This is one of my favorite laundry spotters and combines two old fashion cleaners into one powerful spotter. Use this on tough laundry stains, underarm stains and even on patio furniture. Wet a bar of Fels Naptha Laundry Bar Soap (in the laundry additive/spotter aisle) and work it into spots using enough warm water to create a little brown suds. Then add Borax, working it into the Fels Naptha well with your hands or a soft brush. Let sit for a few minutes and then launder as usual.





Zote Soap: Loaded with natural cleaning oils. Removes oil and grease

White Brite: Whitens and brightens white clothes. Removes fugitive color from whites and colors.

Fels Naptha Laundry Bar Soap: Work into spots and stains

Watch the broadcast video: