Beware that cleaning cocktail you are mixing. Know what you are combining, only follow trusted experts and websites for advice.

“I see people in my practice who have breathed in chemicals while cleaning. Sometimes they’ve actually mixed products, and you have to be really careful not to do that, because some chemical combos create poisonous gasses. Bleach and ammonia is a common one; it makes chloramine gas, which can cause serious respiratory problems when inhaled. Poison control centers get thousands of calls about chloramine each year. Don’t be one of them!”

….Michelle Ruha, M.D., director of medical toxicology fellowship program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.

Many of you, who have followed me over the last 18 years through my books, TV, radio, Facebook and at Queenofclean.com, know that I warn you about accidental poisoning and lung, skin, eye and mucous membrane damage from toxic chemicals we use every day in our homes and dangers from combining them. Be cautious with the things you read on blogs, websites and even Pinterest. I do all the research so you don’t have. I will tell you what commercial cleaners work and which ones don’t. I will give you homemade solutions that not only work, but are safe. We all want to clean smarter, not harder. If you are questioning something, reach out to me through Queenofclean.com or Facebook. I am happy to give you advice on products.

Linda Cobb

Queen of Clean®

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