What You Need:

  • Cotton Ball
  • Oil of Cloves (Clove Essential Oil)
  • Bitter Apple Spray

How to:

  1. To keep pets from digging in plants, apply Oil of Cloves ( Clove Essential Oil) to cotton balls and place them in the pots. This scent will deter them
  2. Bitter Apple is sold in pet stores and online
  3. It is totally safe but has a very bitter taste that cats don't care for. Find in pet stores and on line.
  4. Spray this on the leaves and the pot edges. Cats won't like the taste
Cleaning Tip Title: Cats Digging In House Plants
WP Forms Entry ID: 1644


  1. Cats digging in potted plants
  2. Cat eating potted plant
  3. How can I keep my pet out of my potted plants
  4. Keeping cats out of potted plants
  5. How can I stop my cat from eating my potted plants

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