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BEST NATURAL LAUNDRY PRODUCTS – As seen on Good Morning Arizona (3TV) – 1/29/18 -8:30am

I get lots of questions about “natural” laundry products.

Most of us realize that “natural” usually means it costs more. There’s a reason for that. It’s a lot cheaper to make a product that relies on hazardous chemicals than to create a more natural, safer version.

You can keep your family safe and not break the bank. There are products that are reasonably priced and not laden with chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.

These are not 100% natural products but they are safer than many and also do a good job. Try to find products that don’t contain surfactants or sulfates. They aren’t good for our skin or our hair and they aren’t good for our ground water. Surfactants basically make water wetter, they allow oil and water to mix so they capture the dirt, suspend it and send it down the drain. When you give that up you may need some natural additives to boost your detergent.

PUREX Free and Clear – Contains no dyes and no perfumes. It does contain surfactants which means don’t get it in your eyes or drink it. On sale often 75 OZ $3.99

ARM and HAMMER also makes a similar product and goes on sale frequently too.

ALL FRESH CLEAN ESSENTIALS – Sulfate Free. It is dye free however keep it out of your eyes and don’t drink it. 30 oz. $4.99

METHOD LAUNDRY DETERGENT FREE & CLEAR– Quality detergent without all the chemicals added. 53 53. Oz $12.99

SEVENTH GENERATION LAUNDRY – Ingredients: Coconut-based surfactants, non-animal derived enzymes, borax, sodium gluconate, table salt, essential oils, preservative and water. 50 Oz $8.99

Look for laundry detergents that are : Non-toxic; biodegradable, no optical brighteners; no petroleum-based cleaners; no dyes; no phosphates; safe for septic and greywater systems; ultra-concentrated.
Sometimes “natural” detergents don’t work as well as those chemical laden ones. Try 20 Mule Team Borax to boost the cleaning power. For really dirty clothes add a 1/2 cup to your wash as a laundry booster, or soak clothes for 30 minute before washing for tough stains. It’s safe enough for your delicate fabrics, won’t harm septic systems and even helps soften hard water. Borax is Boron which is mined from the ground. It is a safe and effective additive.

To remove grease and oil from clothes, use Arm and Hanner Washing Soda. Find it in the laundry additive aisle. Use according to directions. This is NOT baking soda.
For a 100% safe softener use white vinegar. It will soften the clothes and once clothes are dry they won’t smell like vinegar.
To help with static electricity, toss some tennis balls or balls of aluminum foil in the dryer.

You can buy eco-friendly bleaches such as ECOVER ZERO. It is a non-chlorine bleach. It’s safe for everything, biodegradable – and fish friendly. You will pay the price for this natural product.