Years ago there was a very famous radio personality named Paul Harvey. His syndicated show was carried on over 1200 ABC stations. He also had a much listened to show called The Rest of the Story. His shows aired from the 1950 – 1990’s. This repellent was shared on his show.

I don’t know why this repellent works, but it totally does. And, what’s not to like? It’s safe, natural, won’t harm kids or pets and won’t kill any other insects. It just repels mosquitos!

Mix it up, put it in a sprayer and spray your yard, your patio area and take it along to outdoor parties to keep those nasty bugs away! Your host will thank you.


1 Large bottle of cheap blue mouthwash

3 cups Epsom Salts

3 bottles of cheap beer, opened and allowed to go stale

Mix the ingredients together well, making sure to dissolve the Epsom salts really well

Use a sprayer to spray your yard, patio, any area you want to deter mosquitos

This will last about 80 days depending on the severity of rain. Re-spray as needed.

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