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As seen on 3TV/Phoenix on June 6, 2016:

Hairspray is a pretty amazing product and can be used for many things besides hair. When buying hairspray, for cleaning and other purposes, go to the $$$ Store. Generally the cheaper the quality of the spray the better it will work.  Remember, when treating stains, sooner is better and always be sure the stain is out before anything goes in the dryer. Heat sets stains.

Removing Grease From Clothes

Spray the grease spot heavily with hairspray. Shake on baby powder or talc and rub in slightly. Add a little more powder to the surface. Let sit about 15 minutes and launder as usual. Do not put in dryer until you are sure the stain is gone.

Removing Lipstick From Fabric

Apply hair spray to the lipstick stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe off the hair spray and the stain should come off with it. You can also spray heavily and work in with a soft brush, like a toothbrush. Then wash your item as usual.

Removing Hair Color From Fabrics and Surfaces

Drench the area with hairspray. Let it sit about 10 minutes and then launder. This works best on new stains. The sooner you treat it, the better luck you will have.

Preserve The Shine On You Shoes

After you’ve lovingly polished your shoes to give them the just-from-the-store look, lightly spray them with hair spray. The shoe polish won’t rub off so easily with this coat of protection.

Keep Recipe Cards Splatter-Free

Don’t let the spaghetti sauce splatter on your favorite recipe card. A good coating of hair spray will prevent the card from being ruined by spatters. With the protection, they wipe off easily. Do several light coats to build the finish, which will be similar to shellac.

Remove Ink Marks On Fabric

Squirt the stain heavily with hair spray and the pen marks should come right off.

Keep The Zipper Up On Your Pants Or Jeans

Spray a little hairspray on the zipper and components and that zipper won’t fall until you wash them.

Lint Removal.

Spray hairspray on an old piece of cloth or paper towel, or shop towel and rub it along your coat or sweater. The mild stickiness of the spray will attract the lint. This also works well on pet hair.

Threading A Needle

You know that sometimes the thread is nearly impossible to get through the needle. Try spraying it with a little hairspray so it’ll stiffen enough to get through easily.

Label Removal

Saturate the label with hairspray. Let sit and then scrape off with a dull straight edge. A plastic putty knife works well and won’t scratch.

Preserve Kid’s Artwork

Preserve those works of art with a light mist of hairspray. It will make it last longer and eliminate smudges