Are your jeans too tight?? Here’s a great tip to Stretch out jeans that are too tight.

What You Need:

  • Jeans that are too tight
  • Spray bottle of warm watere
  • Clip hangers

How to:

  1. Lay jeans out on a clean area of floor
  2. Spray with warm water
  3. Stand on the legs of the jeans
  4. Stretch areas that are too tight on you, respraying if needed
  5. Once you have stretched as much as you can, hang them from. the legs on a clip hanger. Do not wring or squeeze
  6. Allow them to air dry


This will work for jeans that shrink in the dryer. It will not work on jeans that are a size too small, It is meant to give you extra room.

Why it Works:

The fibers relax and you can stretch them.
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