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What You Need:

  • 2 water basins (tubs)
  • Water
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Large towel

How To:

  1. Add warm water into each basin/tub (half full)
  2. In one basin – Mix in baby shampoo (use your hand to mix)
  3. Take sweater (folded) and let it sit on top of the water
  4. Wait about 15 – until sweater is fully submerged
  5. Remove sweater from the first basin (gently) and place gently into the second basin, which warm water
  6. Push gently into water
  7. Lift sweater out of water (handle gently)
  8. Do NOT wring out the water and do NOT stretch
  9. Place sweater on the towel (flat)
  10. Pull the towel up and roll sweater in the towel to remove the water (as best as possible)
  11. Roll it back and forth and pat down a bit
  12. Gently pull the sides of the sweater to stretch to the size you want (do the same for the sleeves, if needed)
  13. Let it sit and dry
  14. Stretch more if needed

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Warnings & Cautions:

Handle sweater with gentle care throughout the process.

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