This is an emergency hair color remover. Treating ASAP is vital to success.

How to:

  1. Immediately spray hairspray on fabrics or surfaces. Drench the area thoroughly.
  2. Let it sit 10 minutes and then launder or wash off hard surfaces
  3. Remember, the sooner you treat it, the better luck you will have

Linda Says:

Keep a can of hairspray handy when you are using hair color For years I have said that the best and only way to avoid a permanent hair color stain on clothes, and hard surfaces is to color your hair naked and in the backyard. The choice is yours! For the shower and sink areas you can use the Queen of Clean Powder Cleaner to remove hair color. Moisten the spot and work in the powder and rinse well. Keep one special "hair color" towel. That way you will never ruin multiple towels.
Cleaning Tip Title: Removing Hair Color from Fabrics and Surfaces
Recommended Products: Toilet, Tub & Sink Powder Cleaner
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  3. Removing hair color from hard surfaces
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