This is a natural laundry stain remover that is biodegradable, earth friendly and safe!
Works especially well on heavily soiled and stained clothes

How to:

  1. Combine the following ingredients in a sink or container, enough to cover and soak clothes:
  2. 1 - Part 7th Generation Lliquid Dish Soap ( may substitute Dawn Ultra)
  3. 2 - Parts Water
  4. 1 - Tablespoon Biokleen Oxygen Bleach - must be this brand
  5. Allow clothes to soak in this solution for an hour or even all day.
  6. Remove to washer and launder as usual

Warnings & Cautions:

Combine clothes of similar colors and whites with whites. Be sure clothes are color fast so they don't bleed into the other clothes. You must use these particular ingredients for this to work If you have a stainless steel sink use a container instead of the sink.

Linda Says:

This is an easy ways to remove spots from clothes without pre-treating them. You can put thw clothes in to soak in the morning when you leave the house and launder when you get home. Find Biokleen Oxygen Bleach online, at some grocery stores and places like big box stores, It is an excellent bleach to use on it's own too.
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