How to remove lint from clothes. You accidentally got your good blouse in with the towels when you did the laundry. Now it has lint on it! Here’s what to do.

How to:

  1. Put the garment back in the washing machine without any other clothes
  2. Fill the machine to the high level with warm water (if the fabric will allow)
  3. Add liquid fabric softener to the disapenser or the machine (do not pour on clothes)
  4. Run the washer through the entire cycle
  5. If that doesn't get the lint off, put the shirt in the dryer, if the care label allows. Do not put other clothes in with it
  6. Add a dryer fabric softener sheet AND a microfiber cloth. The microfiber will "grab" and hold the lint
  7. Any small amount of lint you can use a lint roller on

Warnings & Cautions:

Always read the care level and use the recommended water temperature and drying instructions. If you can't dry the garment in the dryer, go ahead and put it in the dryer but use the air dry or air fluff setting instead of heat

Linda Says:

Always check the care label on clothes for details on washing and drying. Do Not use any different methods for best results
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