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Keeping Towels Pure White

About this Tip:

If you are using spa-like white towels, here's how to keep them eye-popping white. Many times pure white towels will yellow and turn a dirty grayish color over time.

If you are using spa-like white towels, here’s how to keep them eye-popping white

How to:

  1. To whiten them again use WHITE BRITE
  2. White Brite is sold in grocery, big box and home centers in the laundry aisle. It is also available on Amazon
  3. Put only white towels in the washer and follow the directions on the White Brite container
  4. You will have beautiful towels again
  5. Use as often as needed

Warnings & Cautions:

DO NOT use bleach on white towels that are a cotton blend. It will contribute to that gray look. Use only Oxygen Bleach when laundering. DO NOT put bleaching products in the washer when using White Brite

Linda Says:

White Brite will also remove fugitive color from clothes that have bled into each other.