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How to Whiten Sheets

About this Tip:

Get white sheets white and bright again easily

Get white sheets white and bright again easily

How to:

  1. Launder white bedding as directed on care label
  2. Immediately combine bluing in your washing machine. Look for Mrs. Stewart's Bluing or Bluette where laundry prooducts are sold.
  3. Follow the directions on the Bluing label and mix and use accordingly
  4. Rinse well when done and dry

Warnings & Cautions:

Never pour bluing on fabrics. Mix with water first. Carefully follow the label directions. Do not use chlorine bleach on white bedding. Bleach reacts negatively with protein based stains which are found on many sheets from sweat, body oil and fluids. It can actually cause them to become more yellow.

Linda Says:

If yellowing is intense, you may do this process twice.

Why It Works:

The bluing actually ever-so-slightly tints your whites blue, which will counteract the yellowing, making the white appear brighter and whiter.