How to wash your bed sheets like a pro

How to:

  1. Pretreat any stains on your bed with a mild laundry stain remover
  2. *Check the care label for the correct temperature selection for the sheets.
  3. Add your laundry detergent
  4. Add the sheets - don't overcrowd
  5. Dry sheets according to care label
  6. To minimize wrinkling and ease, place sheets back on bed right out of the dryer


*Check the care label for the correct temperature selection for the sheets. *Warm water will help kill allergens. It can be used in most cases. *Some bed sheets, however, may require cold water for washing. *For really heavy soiling you may require hot water. Again, look at your care label. Hot water can shrink sheets.

Warnings & Cautions:

Drying sheets on HIGH heat can cause breakage of threads and also wrinkling. ALWAYS LOOK AT THE CARE LABEL FOR DETAILS

Linda Says:

Try using wool dryer balls when drying sheets. They will aid in drying the sheets faster and minimize wrinkling. QUEEN SUGGESTS: To keep sheets fresh and make them last longer, wash once per week. The average person spends up to 56 hours per week in bed, and during that time you shed dead skin cells, body oils and sweat. Dust mites and allergen are also absorbed into your sheets.
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