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How to Care for Towels

About this Tip:

How to take care of towels and avoid mold and mildew

How to take care of towels and avoid mold and mildew

How to:

  1. Towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you are washing your hands too quickly, germs and bacteria such as e.coli and Somonella can grow.
  2. To avoid this hang towels on rods for faster drying, which will prevent mildew
  3. Change towels about every 3 days. Hand towels should be changed every 2 days.
  4. When washing towels use hot water and the longest wash cycle. If you have a newer machine with a sanitizing cycle use that.
  5. Dry towels, no matter how large the load, for at least 45 minutes prior to folding to ensure that you have eliminated all bacteria.
  6. Never use fabric softener. This will coat the fibers causing them to not dry your body as well and also smell. It is the perfect enviroment for bacteria to grow in.

Linda Says:

QUEEN TIP: See the tip on What to do if your towels smell