Removing residue, lint and fuzz from towels

How to:

  1. Place the towels in the washing machine being sure to wash white/light colors together and dark colors separately
  2. Do not add any detergent
  3. Add 1 - cup of Ammonia to the washer
  4. Wash on the longest cycle
  5. Dry on high heat in the dryer

Warnings & Cautions:

Do not wash anything else with the towels Never wash other clothes with towels. The towels will leave lint on other clothes and the clothes can leave threads and lint on the towels NEVER use fabric softener with towels. It will coat the fibers and the won't absorb water well when you are drying off. It will also contribute to odor in the towels

Linda Says:

Doing this periodically will keep your towels fresh and absorbent,
Cleaning Tip Title: De-Gunk and De-Fuzz Bathroom Towels
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  4. Removing residue from towels
  5. Removing lint from towels

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