This is a natural, all-purpose scrub for metal cookware

How to:

  1. Combine equal parts of salt and flour in the pan you want to clean
  2. Add jut enough vinegar to make a paste
  3. Work the paste around the cooking surface and outside of the pan or utensil
  4. Rinse it off well
  5. Dry thoroughly

Warnings & Cautions:

This is not a good cleaner for heavy, burned on food in pans

Why it Works:

The salt acts as a pumice-type abrasive, the flour polishes and the vinegar is a cleaner and deodorizer

Linda Says:

Safe for use on interior and exterior of pans etc. Will not scratch This is effective for scouring, removing residue and shining cookware
Cleaning Tip Title: Scrub For Pots and Pans
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