What to do when you have an oven spill while cooking. Stop burning the odor, smoke and make it easy to clean

How to:

  1. Mix 3 parts salt and 1 part cinnamon, making enough to cover the spill
  2. Carefully completely cover the smoking, smelling mess
  3. The smoking will stop immediately and the cinnamon will take care of the odor
  4. Continue cooking and then allow the oven to cool completely
  5. Once the oven is cool, add a little water to the salt/cinnamon combination and work in with a sponge
  6. Rinse and you are done. The spill should be gone
  7. If you find you have a little residue left, sprinkle with baking soda and work in with a wet sponge. then rinse

Warnings & Cautions:

Always allow the oven to cool before attempting to clean

Why it Works:

The salt will stop the smoking and absorb the mess and the cinnamon will take care of the smell

Linda Says:

The beauty of this is that you can continue using the oven without the smoking and smell
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