This will allow you to remove candle wax or hot wax from stone surfaces such as granite or travertine

How to:

  1. Don't work on removing the wax until it solidified and cold
  2. Use a plastic putty knife or something like a credit card or dish scraper to remove all the wax that you can by gently pushing it up
  3. Apply heat to the wax residue by putting down an old towel or brown paper bag (with no writing on it) over it
  4. Use an iron, heated to medium, to press over the bag and absorb the wax. Press only on the bag
  5. If the stain is still there try a commercial product such as De-Solv-It. This works particularly well on candle wax
  6. Spray it on and work it in with a pad of paper towels. Be sure to read and follow the directions on the bottle for the surface you are working on
  7. Do not allow it to remain on the surface. Once you remove the wax residue wash with warm water and soap

Warnings & Cautions:

I strongly suggest testing in a small area first

Why it Works:

Stone surfaces are porous and absorb everything. By scraping up all the wax you can and then applying heat over an old towel, you draw out the wax into the towel

Linda Says:

Always sit a wax candle on something to avoid getting wax on stone surfaces
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