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The Very Best Steam Cleaning Carpet Solution

About this Tip:

You won't believe how this will make your carpet steam cleaner perform.

What you need:

  • A steam cleaner or extraction carpet machine
  • Hot Water
  • All Natural Sal Suds (made by Dr. Bonner) Find it in some stores and on Amazon

How to:

  1. Pour 2 Quarts of hot water into your Machines Fresh water tank
  2. Add ONE - yes only ONE - Drop of Sal Suds to the water
  3. Please don't add more. More will not work better. Too much cleaner isn't good for the carpet and really, why waste it?!
  4. Ok...that's ONE drop of Sal Suds....that's all! No more
  5. Clean the carpet following the directions on your machine, whether it is one you rent, buy or borrow
  6. Be prepared to be amazed!!
  7. Great for carpet, area rugs - large or small
  8. That's it! Let it dry

Warnings & Cautions:

There are no's safe and natural. It won't hurt anything in your home or you, kids or pets!

Linda Says:

This is one of my favorite products. It is fantastic for 100's of things! Check out my tip for a carpet spotter and a laundry spotter too. CARPET CLEANING TIPS: The most important thing about cleaning your own carpet with a carpet machine is to not use too much cleaner or one with chemicals in it. Your kids and pets are sitting, walking and crawling on that carpet and putting things that sat on it in their mouths, including their hands and paws. They are ingesting whatever you used. Be sure that you extract really well. Extract until you don't see any water being sucked up. This is the most important part of cleaning your carpet. Dry it quickly by letting a fan(s) blow across it. Don't walk on it in bare feet until dry. The oil and dirt on your feet will deposit on the carpet. Don't rush, take your time and the result will be wonderful.